We did it!!! 100 Rubik’s cubes solved in the London Marathon 2011 in 4h 45min – Guinness World Record!!!

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My aim is to raise at least £3,000 by setting a Guinness World Record in solving as many Rubik’s Cubes as possible while running the London Marathon 2011 (17 April).

Moving mind and matter against cancer is my motto!

Watching the video on the left might make the task look fairly easy. But it will be very tough to do this for nearly 5 hours.
My father and me

My father and me

The Reason

My father suffered from prostate cancer last year. Luckily he has made a full recovery. We were all very frightened at the time and the worst thing was that we weren’t able to do anything about it. That’s why we (my wife and our families) decided to raise money for prostate cancer research. I am very grateful that my father survived and I want to raise as much as I can in order to donate it to Prostate Action.

How you can help

  • Donating to Prostate Action! (this opens a new browser window)
  • Tell friends, family and your boss about this page
  • I need a proper costume to run in. If you have good ideas (not too haevy!) pease please let me know: uli@rubiksrun.com
  • In the run itself I want to draw attention to the website as much as possible. Therefore I’m planning to carry a flag or something attached to my rucksack/ chest/ head/ etc saying “Please donate on www.rubiksrun.com”. If you have ideas how to attach a flag or other ways to get a lot of attention – please let me know!

How to run the actual race? (updated 3.3.2011)

Guinness World Record regulations are quite mean. I’m still trying to find out whether I have to present all solved cubes to a judge after I crossed the finish line, or whether a video proof is sufficient.
Depending on this and a lot of other factors, several approaches are possible.
This is how I think we will do it (at the moment):

  • All together we’ll need 100 cubes.
  • Everything will be recorded on video. I’m going to wear a camera on my chest to have evidence of every single solve and the whole event from my point of view. Random42 and MKFX (current employer and former employer) are providing the HeroCams – thanks a lot!
  • All 100 cubes will be scrambled using official WCA scrambles (generated by an official WCA scramble program)
  • I will start the marathon carrying the first 20 scrambled cubes with me (in a rucksack, on a belt or special vest or something like this)
  • After 1 hour of running and cubing the solved cubes will be exchanged with scrambled cubes
    • I will meet my supporter(s) after an hour at a predefined point along the race
    • We will exchange the bags/ belts/ vests
    • The supporter will have a camera as well to have visual evidence of the solved cubes
  • This procedure will be repeated 3 more times until I’ve received the last rucksack with the last 20 cubes.
  • Very very close to the finishing line I will try to collect all rucksacks from the supporters to carry them over the finish line – but I’m not quite sure how to do that right now.
  • Then I most likely will collapse after the finish line…

Please support me!