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Drug may slow growth of early prostate cancer

A new study suggests a way to help men with early, low-risk prostate cancer avoid being overtreated for a disease that in most cases will never threaten their lives. It found that a drug can slow the growth of these tumors in men who opt to be monitored instead of having treatment right away. Read […]

Good News in Prostate Cancer Research

Sounds like there is good progress in research about prostate cancer: Simple urine test to identify men at risk of getting prostate cancer. Have a look at the BBC News website is live!

Yes! I’m going to run the London Marathon while solving as many Rubik’s cubes as possible! Guys, just post whatever you think. I’m grateful for any hints regarding running, cubing, and fundraising. And of course any feedback about this page. Did you understand what it is about, why I’m doing it, and so on. Did […]