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  1. Max

     /  February 25, 2011

    I found some handy costume advice…

    1 Build your costume around a backpack-style harness for comfort. Use material that won’t dissolve or grow heavy with rain or sweat.

    2 If your costume is heavier than your running kit, train by running with a weighted rucksack.

    3 Be prepared for a slow time from the added bulk, but also because you may not be able to run full-length strides.

    4 You’ll raise more money and perhaps attract television attention if your costume is original, crowd-pleasing and topical.

    5 If you have restricted arm movement or access to your mouth, carry water, energy gels or bars and medication inside your outfit.

    6 Display your name and that of your charity in a prominent place on your costume.

    7 Practise running in your costume in a shorter race to assess where it might rub. You can then make the necessary adjustments, such as adding padding or lubrication.

    8 Have a few words prepared in case you are stopped and interviewed.

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