We did it!!! 100 cubes in 4h 45min – Guinness World Record

Thank you all so much!

Last cube swapping point in the marathon

Uli and Rosie at the last cube swapping point in the marathon

It is official: Guinness World Record! 100 cubes in the London Marathon.
Unbelievable. Everything worked brilliantly. Except poor Julie had to stop briefly because of a cramp and I had to run on my own. But she made it to the finish line half an hour later.
Thank you so much, Julie! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!!!

I had so much support from so many people and half the office was involved – a big thanks to Random42 Medical Animation!

And the biggest thank you goes to my wife Rosie who not only put up with but supported all the training and over 130 cubes floating around in the flat over the last months. XXXXXXXXXXXX

I’ll post pictures and videos later in the week – but right now I’m looking forward to relaxing 🙂

Thank you all so much for the donations! Unbelievable!!!

The ONE Show and BBC interview before the marathon

The ONE Show


I’m invited to the ONE Show on Friday evening and on Sunday just before the run (at 9.24am) there will be a BBC live interview with Jonathan Edwards. How cool is that?
I am overwhelmed with donations of people already – imagine the media appearence brings in a few extra donations… that would be so great!!!

I really feel that all the effort I put into this project is so much appreciated – awesome!!!

Thank you all so much!

Media is approaching more and more

Quite fascinating and very good for prostate cancer awareness.
Here is a list of what happened so far and what will most likely happen.

In the Streatham Guardian:

Nice one here end of March:

On a very interesting running website here:

On Monday the 4th of April this article in the TNT Magazine was posted:

And in Graz, Austria, an article was published here:

On Tuesday, April 5, at 6:15 p.m. London Time I’m going to have a live interview with this American radio station:
You can listen to it here: www.wlip.com

And the Guinness World Record Committee told me exciting news which I not quite dare to share because it’s not yet fully confirmed.
More to come…

Rubik’s Cube shaped Birthday cake

Look what they baked for me at the office 🙂 AMAZING!!!!!
Thank you so much, guys!

Rubik's Cube shaped birthday cake

Rubik's Cube shaped birthday cake

Julie Burong to the rescue!

Julie Burong

Julie Burong will accompany me on the run

Julie Burong, an english mum living in Australia, is going to support me in the Rubik’s Run.
She was the first one who promised to help straight away.
She raises money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation because her son Luke suffers from Diabetes Type 1. Please visit her website and donate to her charity: http://nomoreneedles.com.au/

This will also be her third Marathon (just like me).
She will help finding the handing over people, maybe hand me the cubes out of the rucksack and maybe carry a few cubes herself.
But the best of all: We can be moral support for each other when someone slows down – it is so much more fun running together!
I am very grateful for her help – it would have been quite difficult to do the task without her.
Thank you, Julie!!!

First run fully equipped – and dressed

Uli in full Rubik's Costume

Uli in full Rubik's Costume

I just came back from a 21 K run fully equipped and dressed.
The reaction of the people was amazing!
Clapping, waving, honking, chatting with other runners, showing a few baffled children how to solve the cube and being high-fived by randomly bypassing pedestrians.

I couldn’t believe how much people liked it.

I didn’t even think of my knee anymore. It didn’t hurt at all. Hope it stays that way.

It was really fun and actually a very good marketing run.
Somehow I have to manage to attach a flag or something to my back so that people can really see what it’s all about.
Any ideas here? Please let me know if you have a good idea – not too heavy please!
I’m looking forward to the 32K this weekend through Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth!


After 1000 KM we cracked £1000 !!!

I can’t believe it – £1000 was donated already.
Thank you all so so much! It is really unbelievable how generous everyone is.

Please keep it up and help me getting to £3000,-
As an incentive: the 5 highest donations will get an original Rubik’s-Run-Cube 🙂


1000 Km of running recorded with RunKeeper

Today I reached the 1000 mark of recorded Km with the RunKeeper App on my mobile. A big thanks to the developers of this piece of software – it helped me a lot staying motivated and it is just satisfying seeing all the results displayed in such nice graphs.
Check it out: http://runkeeper.com/user/UliKilian/
Click on FitnessReports in the top menu.

Right now you can download the Pro-version for free in the App store – go try it out
(RunKeeper is also available for other smartPhones)

University of Surrey’s diagnostic urine test: a real breakthrough

Scientists at the University of Surrey, UK, have made a major breakthrough in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. They have developed a new way of more reliably detecting the cancer by testing a small urine sample from men, allowing faster testing that could save lives and offer the potential for huge cost savings.
Click here to read and see more.

Rubik’s Run Article in the Streatham Guardian

Wow – they are quick! Interview at 2pm and 20 minutes later online:

Rubiks Runner Uli Kilian - Photo: Louis Amore
‘Rubik Runner’ will attempt 100 cubes during London Marathon
A 3D animator is due to attempt to solve 100 Rubik’s cubes while running a marathon to raise thousands of pounds for charity and set a new Guinness World Record.

Uli Kilian, 34, self-proclaimed the “Rubik’s Runner”, who lives in Streatham, set himself the challenge of running the London Marathon while solving Rubik’s Cubes in 2009, when his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer…

Click here to read the whole article in the Streatham Guardian online

I’ve got them: 100 Rubik’s Cubes!!!

One picture says it all 🙂
I’ve also got a little rubik’s cube tutu thingy. I’ll definitely wear that during the run 😛
A big THANK YOU to Seven Towns LTD who are providing the cubes!

Proud Uli with Rubiks Cubes

Proud Uli with Rubiks Cubes

Drug may slow growth of early prostate cancer

A new study suggests a way to help men with early, low-risk prostate cancer avoid being overtreated for a disease that in most cases will never threaten their lives. It found that a drug can slow the growth of these tumors in men who opt to be monitored instead of having treatment right away.
Read on here: