Virgin London Marathon Committee not very supportive

I was quite disappointed when I called the London Marathon Committee last Friday. I admit that Friday afternoon might not be the best time to get motivated people on the phone – but a bit of support would have been nice.
Two attempts, two different people, not a single answer.
I was asking simple questions like

  • Where might be a good place along the race where supporters could hand me over a bunch of scrambled cubes and receive my solved ones?
  • Which part of the track is very crowded so we can avoid these spots for handing over the cubes?

“We don’t have such information”… no motivation in maybe trying to find a solution.
Then I had a little look online and found an interactive marathon map on their official website – quite handy. And there is a button “crowd density” which looks very promising! Unfortunately it is not enabled yet – but I’ll keep an eye on that.

Anyway – pity the London Marathon Committee was not very keen on helping.
If anyone knows anything about this topic – please let me know!

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