My first Rubik’s Cube Competition in Aachen

Hello guys,
That was an exciting weekend! We just came back this morning from the Rubik’s Cube competition Aachen Open 2011 in Germany.
My official times:
Single Solve 31.80 Sec
Average of 5 is 34.61 Sec
Click here for a few more stats.
Click here for Simon’s stats.
Here is an amazingly boring video of me:

Simon and I felt like 14 year olds.
Firstly because we were hysterically focused on these little colorful cubic toys trying to solve them as quickly as possible on the plane, on the train, in the night and before breakfast – high-fiving each other when getting close to our records.
Secondly because the age average of the contestants was really around 14 years.

Here are a few images (with a few of the older contestants):

Aachen Open Collage

Erik Akkersdijk, Stefan Pochmann, Lars Vandenbergh, István Kocza, Uli Kilian, Simon Howells

A big compliment to the organisers of the Aachen Open. Although it was the second biggest cube event in the world everything went smoothly and totally on schedule. Everyone was happy, relaxed and very friendly.
Big thanks to the students and members of RWTH Aachen!

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