István Kocza – Rubik’s Cube Champion writes about the Rubiks Run

…unfortunately in hungarian: István Kocza has an amazing brain. He is one of the top ten fastest people in the world who solves a 5x5x5 Cube blindfolded (the normal cube has 3x3x3 sides). That is truely unbelievable. He also holds various other records e.g the world record to solve a standard rubik’s cube with […]

My first Rubik’s Cube Competition in Aachen

Hello guys, That was an exciting weekend! We just came back this morning from the Rubik’s Cube competition Aachen Open 2011 in Germany. My official times: Single Solve 31.80 Sec Average of 5 is 34.61 Sec Click here for a few more stats. Click here for Simon’s stats. Here is an amazingly boring video of […]

SnowCubing – my cousins answer

Max had a super idea: supporting me by solving the Rubiks Cube while snowboarding! With gloves… how does that even work??? I love it! If anyone can think of more crazy stuff involving the cube – make a video and post the link here!!!

And another improvement

After cubing with my cousin Max and with Pat, Simon and a few others on New Year’s Eve in Munich I was able to improve my times by another second 🙂 Have a look at the stats page:

New Rubik’s Cube Personal Best

I just improved my average Rubik’s Cube times (10 out of 12) more than 3 Seconds: from 38 to 35 Seconds – I’m quite pleased 🙂 Have a look at the updated stats. Speedcubers will yawn right now where as runners might be impressed. And I ran a half marathon yesterday – now runners yawn… […]

I signed up for my first Rubik’s competition!

Yes! Near my home town “Köln” (Germany) there is the nice town of Aachen. And there it is, where the Aachen Open will take place from 14th to 16th of January 2011. I’m going to start in these events: – Rubik’s Cube (normal 3x3x3) – Rubik’s Cube One Handed (OH) – 2x2x2 Cube Apparently it […]

Virgin London Marathon Committee not very supportive

I was quite disappointed when I called the London Marathon Committee last Friday. I admit that Friday afternoon might not be the best time to get motivated people on the phone – but a bit of support would have been nice. Two attempts, two different people, not a single answer. I was asking simple questions […]

Feliks Zemdegs’ New Rubik’s Cube World Record!

He is the first who solved the Rubik’s Cube in less than 7 Seconds in an official Rubik’s competition. Watch this – unbelievable:

Why Running AND Cubing the same time?

Many people ask me the question: Why Running AND Cubing the same time? Well, here in the UK a lot of people run for charity – and that is great! But in order to really catch people’s attention one has to come up with new or interesting or crazy things these days. I simply want […]

Minimum amount of cubes required for official Guinness World Record

After weeks of trying to get in touch with Guinness World Records they finally replied: “Your attempt would actually be the first at this record and, as such, there is no previous record to beat. However, our research team concluded that 50 would be the required minimum acceptable for any first attempt. Thus, the solving […]

Good News in Prostate Cancer Research

Sounds like there is good progress in research about prostate cancer: Simple urine test to identify men at risk of getting prostate cancer. Have a look at the BBC News website

(Old Video) The Rubik’s Run explained in 2 Minutes