Julie Burong to the rescue!

Julie Burong

Julie Burong will accompany me on the run

Julie Burong, an english mum living in Australia, is going to support me in the Rubik’s Run.
She was the first one who promised to help straight away.
She raises money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation because her son Luke suffers from Diabetes Type 1. Please visit her website and donate to her charity: http://nomoreneedles.com.au/

This will also be her third Marathon (just like me).
She will help finding the handing over people, maybe hand me the cubes out of the rucksack and maybe carry a few cubes herself.
But the best of all: We can be moral support for each other when someone slows down – it is so much more fun running together!
I am very grateful for her help – it would have been quite difficult to do the task without her.
Thank you, Julie!!!

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