First run fully equipped – and dressed

Uli in full Rubik's Costume

Uli in full Rubik's Costume

I just came back from a 21 K run fully equipped and dressed.
The reaction of the people was amazing!
Clapping, waving, honking, chatting with other runners, showing a few baffled children how to solve the cube and being high-fived by randomly bypassing pedestrians.

I couldn’t believe how much people liked it.

I didn’t even think of my knee anymore. It didn’t hurt at all. Hope it stays that way.

It was really fun and actually a very good marketing run.
Somehow I have to manage to attach a flag or something to my back so that people can really see what it’s all about.
Any ideas here? Please let me know if you have a good idea – not too heavy please!
I’m looking forward to the 32K this weekend through Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth!


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  1. Love the costume ……… especially the hat !!

    Maybe you need to ask your Rubik’s Cube people or another sponsor for some helium filled balloons for the day ??? You can attach to the backpack -then you won’t need a flag (and the crowd cube passers can have a balloon as well !!)

  2. lehnersigi

     /  March 23, 2011

    instead of putting a flag somewhere, just think about writing on the cubes.
    keep i simple: like: “donate to”
    or “info at”
    “solving the cube for cancer”

    • Thanks Sigi!
      But on the cube no one sees it. I have to carry them to the finishing line…. I’m not sure what to do with them afterwards. Probably “sell” for donations…
      I’ll find out straight away!
      But I definitely need a flag….

  3. lehnersigi

     /  March 23, 2011

    i meant the big cubes you are wearing as a hat and a skirt …
    this definitely is very visible…

    • Ahh – I see.
      Yes, that is what I thought – and I did exactly that on the training run on Sunday. And all people told me that they can’t read it. And I printed it out as big as possible…
      So that is unfortunately not an option… or … let’s say if the flag doesn’t work out, then this is the only option.

  4. Also, use your legs to write on … if you are wearing the Skins on the day use White artist/fabric paint – or write in the primary colours of the cubes … you can get down each leg easily …

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